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At Well Aware we strive to make everyday your best day. We seek to support and educate businesses in nurturing, developing and growing their most valuable asset – their employees. We seek to empower the individual through their health and wellbeing. At Well Aware we know there is a better way. Let us show you.

Our philosophy is that the mind and body are intrinsically connected and both need to be given equal attention in order for people to live and be at their best. To put this more simply:


Rebecca Fairbrother, Founder

Rebecca (Bex) founded Well Aware in 2014 after a corporate job in the City of London left her exhausted and stressed, leading her to question the sustainability of our current working conditions for achieving optimum health in the long-term. Feeling sure there was a better and more efficient way to work and get the most out of the workforce, Bex set about researching different ways employers can help educate, motivate and engage their staff to prioritise and take responsibility of their own mental health and physical wellbeing.

After constant refine, Well Aware is now the leading corporate provider of workplace wellbeing programmes, delivering highly successful and innovative solutions to companies throughout the UK.

Our Services

Well Aware provides health and wellbeing programmes that are built around the corporate mission and values of each company we work with. Every session and programme has been designed by Well Aware, using both our own knowledge and that of our selected Well Aware experts.

Our consultation and campaign services enhance the impact of our programmes, meaning every company we work with continues to benefit long after our programmes are delivered. Consulting services can be provided separately to, or in addition to our programmes.

Our consultation experience is also informed through the research Well Aware undertakes with HR professionals, Senior Leadership, Board members and public bodies on all aspects of implementing and evaluating workplace health interventions.

Please download our Well Aware Improve Workforce Wellbeing document here.

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Our Experts

Well Aware programmes and campaigns are designed to provide our corporate clients with science-based, innovative approaches to employee health and wellbeing, that are informative and engaging for all.

Due to this, Well Aware health and wellbeing experts not only have the qualifications and experience to deliver our programmes, but they also share the same Well Aware passion and professionalism. In order to guarantee this Well Aware vets all its experts in both their knowledge and ability to engage with your employees.

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