Quick and Easy ways to beat a Hangover

Is your head banging from the night before? And your stomach turning somersaults with acid overload from too many G and T’s? If you over did it the night before, check out our top tips for beating a hangover:

Get Active – No matter what it is, do some exercise. The harder, the better. If you can only stomach a walk, that’s fine as the fresh air will help clear your head. If you have the energy to do something more strenuous, going for a run will ensure that you sweat out toxins whilst exercise in general stimulates our lymphatic systems which helps boost circulation whilst also releasing endorphins AKA ‘happy hormones’ – get moving!

Hydrate – If you had a heavy night last night, you’re probably dehydrated so make sure you keep sipping water throughout the day. As prevention is better than cure, drink a pint of water before bed and alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks next time you go out.

Avoid Acidic Foods and Caffeine – Although oranges are bursting with vitamin C, avoid orange juice with your breakfast as the acidity will aggravate an already highly acidic stomach. Meanwhile caffeinated drinks such as coffee will dehydrate you so avoid these until you are properly hydrate again.

Embrace the B Vitamins – Too much alcohol can deplete the body of B vitamins which are essential for the liver to function properly, among other important metabolic functions.  Take a Vitamin B complex supplement to alleviate the damage or stock up on vitamin B rich foods such as eggs, leafy green veg, chicken, salmon and avocados.

Well Aware recommends: If you are in need to some sustenance and lots of vitamins and nutrients try Hip and Healthy’s Ultimate Hangover Smoothie – packed with electrolytes and vitamins which are lost during serious drinking sessions, this delicious smoothie will get you back on the health wagon. Check out the recipe here

hip and healthy hangover smoothie Lomax_Juices