National Stress Awareness Day: Top 5 ways to De-stress

Today is National Stress Awareness Day. Stress is extremely prevalent in today’s society as we are constantly connected and work increasingly longer house. It is one of the main causes of absenteeism in the workplace and can lead to depression and anxiety amongst other mental and physical health issues. Follow our quick and easy top tips to de-stress…

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Tip 1: Cut the Caffeine 

Whilst we all love to start our day with caffeine to give us an energy hit, caffeine acts as a stressor in the body, raising our cortisol levels, putting unnecessary stress on our adrenal glands. If you’re already feeling stressed it may be wise to cut out caffeine for now to even out your energy levels.

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Tip 2: A Problem Shared…

Despite people being ‘constantly connected’ via technology, recent studies have shown that we actually feel more lonely and isolated than ever. Confide in your friends, colleagues as everyone experiences similar struggles and challenges in life. It will not only make you feel more reassured but may also help the person you’re confiding in too. Remember, no one is an island.


Tip 3: Stretch, s-t-r-e-t-c-h…..

Finding the time (and motivation) to exercise can be tough in today’s world especially when the days are dark and cold. Just a few minutes spent stretching can play dividends on your overall wellbeing and can improve your sleep in the process. Try these quick and easy stretches, which have been designed to be done anywhere, even at your desk.



Tip 4: Be kind to yourself

Practising self-love is not something that comes naturally to us Brits. However it is vital for us to be happy and to be able to thrive at work and in our personal lives. You can only do your best and that is enough. Retrain your mind to speak kindly to yourself and praise you when you’ve done something well. Strive for your best, not perfection.


Tip 5: And relax…

Time to relax and switch off is important if we want to be able to function at our optimal levels. Take time to invest in the things that make you happy; be it having dinner with your partner, taking an hour to do that yoga class, watching your favourite boxset on Netflix. Taking time to recharge is important for helping us power on through when life gets busy and stressful. By making relaxation a priority, it means you will be more able to manage the stressful times if and when they arise.

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