Do you feel you have lost your glow-jo? Are you low on energy? Uninspired to workout? Is your skin dull and grey? We hear you! With our lives becoming increasingly busier, finding the time to look after ourselves can be a challenge. Not anymore! Featuring a combination of exercise, nutrition and pampering, our Glow-getter wellness package is designed to help people get their glow back. This package includes:

– 2 personal training sessions a week. These can take place at your home, office or a nearby outside space. All of our trainers are tried and tested to ensure we provide the best possible service.

– 1 yoga session a week to take place at your home. We work with London’s best yoga teachers, each of whom is vetted before they teach our clients.

– 1 bespoke nutrition plan – this will help educate you on what to eat to fuel your body and achieve your health and fitness goals.

– 1 facial at one of London’s leading skin clinics.

– 1 massage – this can either be at home or at one of our partners’ spas.

This is a 4 week package but can be extended to 8 or 12 weeks. Want to know what our clients have said about this package…

Not only did our lovely client lose 11 pounds after the 4 weeks, she also explained…

I have better energy levels throughout the day, a better understanding of the impact of different foods and portion sizes. I also drink more water now so know the difference between being thirsty and being healthy. Overall I just have a better understanding of how all components work together (sleep, food, exercise) so feel more in control of choices made.

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