Check out the latest piece on the Guardian all about how to stay healthy when doing shift work featuring top tips from Well Aware…

Our experts Anna Percy-Davis and Suzy Reading explain the best practices for staying on top of your mental health and physical wellbeing whilst doing shift work…

Eat well

When the clock strikes midnight, your body tells you to sleep, not to eat lunch, which is why shift work can play havoc with your dietary health.

“Make sure the fridge is stocked with healthy choices,” says Suzy Reading, a chartered psychologist. “One way to do this is by cooking meals in batches and reheating them through the week.” She also recommends taking pre-prepared meals with you if it’s difficult to get healthy options at work.

Enjoy a social life

If you work unsocial hours, including weekends, it can be hard to fit in a social life. But stressing about it isn’t good for your mental health or your relationships, says Anna Percy-Davis, executive and careers coach at Well Aware. “When it comes to enjoying time with friends and family around awkward shift work hours, quality rather than quantity needs to be the focus,” she says.

Percy-Davis suggests finding ways to spend time together, while ensuring that those closest to you appreciate that you may be tired or your time with them is going to be limited. “This does not mean you have to act like a martyr or that you expect loads of sympathy,” she says. “It’s about making those moments when you are together fun and enough rather than stressed and guilt-inducing. Time with family and friends requires more effort when you are a shift worker but it is not impossible.”

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