Want to achieve your health & fitness goals? See what our clients say…

At Well Aware we provide timesaving health, fitness and wellbeing solutions on demand, at convenient locations across London. We help our clients achieve their goals. Here is what our clients have said about us as well as some of our success stories…

One of our clients, a time-poor barrister came to Well Aware wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Already a fan of exercise, we helped guide her towards better dietary choices, designing a bespoke nutrition plan catered to her body and its needs as well as her lifestyle taking into consideration activity levels as well as days where she had no time to workout. After following her plan diligently for 5 weeks, she has lost a whooping 11 pounds and has since remarked, “I have better energy levels throughout the day, (a) better understanding of the impact of different foods and portion sizes. I (also) drink more water now so know the difference between being thirsty and being healthy. I think overall I just have a better understanding how all components work together (sleep, food, exercise) so feel more I’m control of choices made.”

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Meanwhile Tiffany Ap, a Hong Kong based journalist wanted to stay fit and healthy during her first ever trip to London. This is what she said about Well Aware… “I was really thrilled to try out the Jet, Sweat and Reset package on my first trip to London. It felt like having just a really well looped in friend with the same interests here in the city. I stayed at two five-star hotels during my week in London (one boutique, one global chain) and their concierges drew blanks when I asked them where I could get a cold-pressed juice or find a Whole Foods store. Well Aware helped fill in those gaps incredibly well, suggesting a beautiful salon for a massage and facial that was conveniently nearby. I felt like we were speaking the same language and Well Aware simply “got it”.

All the way from Colorado, USA, Shanna Burnette, founder of ModCraft similarly purchased our Jet, Sweat & Reset program. Here is what she has to say… “Thank you Well Aware for the Jet, Sweat & Reset Welcome pack upon arrival. Packed with UK goodies, fresh juices, fitness classes and a massage, every traveller to London needs to add this to their itinerary – health and fitness will not be sacrificed this trip thanks to them.”

“I purchased the Health Fix package for my partner and could not be happier. Rebecca is tremendously knowledgeable and attentive to clients’ needs. The service is personalised without being intrusive. Will definitely be back for more.”                                                                                                                                                    – JK, UBS

Furthermore London-based Lucy, a busy mother and MD at Goldman Sachs  explains how “Well Aware offers an excellent, high quality, efficient service that inspires and motivates – the bespoke packages have fitted in so well with my busy lifestyle and I have even been lucky enough to receive a package as a surprise birthday present. I couldn’t recommend the fitness, beauty and food/juice packages enough – whether you are looking to kick start a healthy regime, re-align after a long-haul flight or if you are looking for a sustainable, long term plan there are packages to suit all with Well Aware.”

For more information on how we can help YOU achieve YOUR health and fitness goals email rebecca@wellawareuk.com and book a free consultation. Remember: No man is an island – EVERYONE needs help and support and that’s where we come in.  We find the best health and wellness solutions for you, catered to your lifestyle – no more researching, no more trial and error, just let us know your needs and we will arrange it all for you. We also provide constant support and motivation as we all need help sometimes, especially when we have decided to embark on a lifestyle chance. So what are you waiting for? Make the change today!