Our Philosophy: Small Changes, BIG Impact

At Well Aware, we believe it's the small things you do everyday that have a BIG impact on your long-term health. Otherwise known as the marginal gains theory, this approach is embedded throughout our services and we believe is part of the reason for our client's success stories. We do not advocated fads or quick fixes, rather we believe that by tweaking your daily habits and trying to improve them by just a small margin (i.e. one percent), big changes really do happen.


To put this in context, imagine if you went to bed an hour earlier and adopted this habit for the long-term. Imagine how much better you would feel, how easier it would be to focus at work, make decisions and resist the temptation of unhealthy quick-fix foods. The knock-on effect of this could be that you actually lose weight as you're getting adequate rest and your body doesn't feel like sugar to give it a quick energy boost.

What small change can you adopt today that could have a huge and positive effect on you in the long run? We would love to hear from you so tag us online @well_aware.