This week to mark World Vegan Day and Sugar Awareness Week, we put the spotlight on Bonnie Stowell, the founder of London's top plant-based food delivery service, Spring Green London

Hi Bonnie, great to speak to you today. We thought as it was Sugar Awareness week it would be great to find out more about you and your wonderful service. Briefly, can you tell our readers what you do? Where did it all begin and how did you get to where you are today? 

I trained under a Michelin-star chef and always loved cooking and food. It wasn’t until my father developed type-2 diabetes that I started cooking for him, to help alleviate some of his stress. Over several months his blood sugar levels normalised and it was from this first-hand experience of seeing the amazing transformational benefits of food that Spring Green London was born.

Bonnie Stowell, founder of Spring Green London

Bonnie Stowell, founder of Spring Green London

Wow, love this! What a fantastic and inspiring story! At Well Aware, we are big believers in the small habits that you do everyday that inform your long-term health and this is real proof!  Can you tell us about the philosophy behind Spring Green London?

We want everyone to look and feel their best. We trust in the power of fresh, nutrient-rich, multitasking foods and use innovative ingredients from around the world, all with a plant-based focus. We pack as many superfoods as we can into our daily boxes and avoid added sugar at all costs as there are enough sugars found naturally in fresh fruit and vegetables. Sugar has a terrible effect on the collagen in your skin and more worryingly type 2 diabetes.

We also want people to learn new habits and recipe ideas, forming a fresh new approach to a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Amazing! We too share this mission about habits and are all about helping our clients make long-term positive changes to their health by encouraging small changes to daily habits over a prolonged period of time. What are your top three tips for maintaining healthy eating habits?

1. Meal prep. The night before make yourself a nutritious breakfast by mixing chia, almond milk + vanilla in a bowl and cover. The next morning you can pack it to have at work.

2. Be Snack Savvy. Keep a tupperware on your desk and fill it with your own trail mix so you’ve always got a healthy and protein-rich snack available. You can add any type of nuts or berries, coconut chips (toasted are delicious), cacao nibs. 

3. It comes down to meal prepping. Organisation really is key I find when it comes to maintaining healthy eating habits. I dedicate half an hour a week to chop some veg so that I can have with a dip or just so they are ready to stirfry and cook up some quinoa and keep in the fridge. Quinoa goes with so many things!

What’s your go-to dinner recipe when you’re short on time?

If i haven’t planned what i’m going to have for dinner, I can always find lots of unfinished veg in the fridge that I can throw in a pan with some sesame oil, soya, garlic and chilli with some frozen peas and fresh herbs.  It is so easy to make it taste delicious, I will often cook up some black rice to have with it.

Green eggs_0011 copy.jpg

What’s the first you do every morning? What are your morning rituals or routines?

I always drinks lots of water when I wake up. I do like a coffee, which I have with coconut milk, I have one a day and really enjoy it.

And bedtime rituals? How do you switch off and ensure you get restful sleep?

My favourite thing to do before bed is to read. I am reading Nancy Mitford The Pursuit of Love at the moment which is brilliant.

We are big on personal development at the Well Aware HQ, helping our clients unlocking their full potential and boost performance. Do you have tips you can share with us that you’ve picked up along the way?

Trying to find a balance, which is hard, but make time for yourself. Try to switch off from your busy day and do something for a couple of hours that you really enjoy.

Quick fire round…

  1. Coffee or tea? Coffee
  2. Early bird or night owl? Early bird
  3. Introvert or extrovert? both
  4. Rural or urban? Rural
  5. Adventurous or cautious? Adventurous
  6. Hiit or yoga? Hiit

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