GOODBYE 2017, HELLO 2018...

With the start of a new year, we are reflecting on all that we have achieved in 2017 and all the exciting things to come in 2018... (Practising gratitude and positive reflection does wonders for our mental health too!)

We received some fantastic feedback from people who attended our various Nutrition Lunch & Learn sessions...

"It was great to have such an informative talk by someone who is clearly extremely knowledgeable."

"Really good presenting, healthy giveaways which are good to try and reinforce the message of eating for energy."

Due to the positive response to these sessions, we have introduced 121 Nutrition Consultations so people can delve deeper into any personal issues they may have. Our Nutrition Consultations are 20-minute appointments with an expert Nutritionist or Dietitian. They are an opportunity for the individual to discuss any personal issues they might have in a private and welcoming environment. These include: digestive issues, poor energy, skin problems, stress etc. This service includes a follow-up appointment.

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We've also developed a new 3-part series focused on professional development called Career 101 to our portfolio of services. These sessions will focus on confidence and resilience, networking, presentation and feedback. 

As Mental Health has achieved huge momentum within the workplace, with companies keen to breakdown the stigma associated with this subject, we have added a number of sessions focused on this area. These include:

  • Digital Detox - Detaching from Social Media for improved Mental Wellbeing 
  • Addiction – Anorexia, my story of recovery – Hope Virgo 
  • How to Walk on Sunshine - Stress Management Techniques - Rachel Kelly
  • Being Mindful at Work

With more and more research revealing that our nutrition choices can dramatically impact our mood, we have also added The Good Mood Food Workshop. This interactive session is delivered by mental health campaigner Rachel Kelly and her nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh. Packed full of top tips and expert advice on how to help improve your mood through your dietary choices.

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And finally, whilst our mental and physical health is of paramount importance for achieving optimum wellbeing, we also believe there are a few other factors that contribute to our overall sense of happiness. These include the environment with which we work in and of course, our finances. We have developed two sessions to address these key issues: 

  • Unconscious Bias - How to create an inclusive workplace
  • Financial Wellbeing - How to be better with money

For a more detailed breakdown of our services, please email In the meantime, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and will leave you with some of the other lovely testimonials, feedbacks and additional comments we have received… Here’s to a healthy and productive 2018!

"Really pleased my company is prepared to offer these kind of wellbeing sessions"

"Very clear presenter with well organised thoughts, huge range of relevant tips - as one who has researched sleep a lot over the decades, I still learned something useful!"

"Really interesting. Be really useful for everyone, even if you have no problem sleeping it is still useful for anyone with kids."

"I really liked the fact that in a very short session there was a lot of analysis and talk about many issues. Very productive session!"

"Really engaging and relevant advice. Thank you so much!"