Do you ever feel stressed, anxious, low or generally not too chipper? This week, we shine the spotlight on Holly Dixon, the founder of a fab new company called Mindful Mail, which sends positive thoughts in the post to help you be your true & happy self and start your day, week, month etc., with the right intention... where do we sign up?! Holly has even given all Well Aware readers a discount code for their first order... Happy Friday or what? Enjoy!


Holly, great to speak to you today... We are huge fans of Mindful Mail… for our readers, can you tell us a bit more about it, what’s the story behind Mindful Mail, how did you come up with the idea, the ethos behind the brand etc?

We send positive thoughts in the post to help you or a loved one be your true and happy self.

We started Mindful Mail to bring a little bit of sunshine to a grey day. We all go through tough times and need some strength and motivation to get us through it.

We wanted to create products that make you feel good but also help you to become more in touch with your body and mind. We believe self-care is fundamental to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our products hope to boost your confidence and self-esteem, and offer calmness and comfort during difficult times. We also wanted to create joyful gifts for those days when you just want to share some love with others.

We all know the warm, fuzzy feeling when someone thinks about you and what you are going through. We also know the self-loving feeling when you have treated yourself to something for you.


Our ambition for Mindful Mail is to spread positive vibes and help support mental health further. £1 from every pack of cards sold goes to Mind Charity.

We hope to provide our customers with a little bit of sunshine every time they open a Mindful Mail delivery.

How wonderful! What a lovely idea and fab business! We love a good morning routine and believe this can set you up for the day ahead. How do you usually start your day? 

I usually start the day with a yoga class or a run in the countryside. I find that taking time to do something first thing, before everyone else is up and about, is a great way to focus on myself, create some calm and get me ready for the day ahead.

Your go-to breakfast during the week is…

Porridge with banana and honey or avocado on toast (although I think variation is key to balanced diet)

So do we! Great minds! What do you do to wind down after a hectic day?

My favourite thing to do is run a hot bath, light some candles and listen to my favourite songs. I also enjoy writing down my thoughts from the day in a journal. Both activities help me to clear my mind and relax.

Do you have any go-to resources or activities for when you’re feeling stressed?

I think the best activity to do when you’re stressed is to go for a walk in nature and practise mindfulness. Secondly, turn off your phone or leave in another room. It’s so tempting to keep checking Social Media and WhatsApp. Thirdly, I have just started practising calligraphy which is a lovely, therapeutic activity. 

What's your favourite life hack for increased mental focus and productivity?

No mobile phone for the first 30 minutes of your morning (or until you reach work). I think it’s good to start the day with your own thoughts and intentions, instead of someone else’s agenda.

I like to wake up, go for a run or yoga class, shower and enjoy a good cup of tea, which sets me up for the day. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the black hole of the internet - you may not return!

We love a good app at Well Aware, what are your go-to apps?

I love listening to the Calm app, which has meditation and sleep stories.

Has anyone given you a great piece of advice since starting your business? If so, what was it?

Oh yes, there have been lots. I’m constantly learning. 3 bits of advice..

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others
  2. Celebrate the small wins
  3. Stop feeling comfortable

Great advice! And finally, what's next for Mindful Mail?

We are looking to introduce some new packs of cards over the year, and some exciting, new gifts…

Oooo exciting! Please keep us posted... Now for the quick-fire round...

Early riser or night owl? Early riser

Coffee or tea? Tea

Podcast or book? Book

Restorative yoga class or sweaty hiit session? Restorative yoga class

Facial or massage? massage

Almond butter or tahini? tahini

Sweet or savoury? savoury

You can find out more about Mindful Mail and their products on their website. Or find them on instagram, twitterfacebook, pinterest.

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