Our philosophy is that the mind and body are intrinsically connected and both need to be given equal attention in order for people to live and be at their best. 




Our Mission

Well Aware was started in 2014 by Rebecca Fairbrother when she saw the pressing need for companies to evolve with the changing landscape of work. Stress, mental health issues, poor energy levels and MSDs are widespread in the workplace. 

Something needs to change & it needs to start now.

We believe this is everyone's problem and that collectively we can help make a dramatic impact on the economy, society and individuals. We believe it's start with the workplace, where we spend the majority of our waking hours and that in order to solve this issue at a country-wide, organisational and individual level, it has to start with education. 

Our aim is to make Britain’s workforce the healthiest, happiest and most productive it has been through our innovative wellbeing services. As Duncan Selbie, the Chief Executive at Public Health England so aptly put it, “Everyone benefits from a healthier workforce: employees, who will enjoy better health and be less likely to be off sick; employers, who will reap the benefits of increased productivity; and the NHS, which will have less poor health to deal with.”


Our Well Mind programmes focus on Mental Health and Unlocking Potential. We hope to raise awareness of mental health, breakdown the stigma and explore common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression whilst also giving your employees the skills, tools and confidence they need to perform at their best and realise their potential. We will explore employee development whilst helping to optimise workplace performance, increase individual self-confidence and improve your business’ bottom-line.


Our Well Body programmes focus on Nutrition, Posture and Movement. As poor energy levels, digestives issues and MSDs are stifling performance and productivity in the workplace, we believe these critical issues need addressing in order for employees and organisations to truly thrive. Our Well Body programmes will give your employees the skills, tools and confidence they need to achieve and sustain optimum health and wellbeing. As our daily habits inform our long-term health, we will explore ways to make long-lasting positive changes to our health, with the focus on nutrition, posture and movement.

It has been great working with Well Aware. They have delivered some great Lunch & Learn sessions and the feedback received has been very positive.
— Sunita Devi, HR, RPC LLP

our experts

Well Aware programmes and campaigns are designed to provide our corporate clients with science-based, innovative approaches to employee health and wellbeing, that are informative and engaging
for all. Due to this, Well Aware health and wellbeing experts not only have the qualifications and experience to deliver our programmes, but they also share the same Well Aware professionalism and passion. In order to guarantee this Well Aware vets all its experts in both their knowledge and ability
to engage with your employees.